We start with design above all else. That’s because we were founded by a designer, not a businessperson. We share our whole process with you. No secrets. Because all we care about is making beautiful and affordable accessories for our friends.


Everything about our products is haut de gamme, except for the prices. How do we do it?


We do limited runs with fast turnover. We don’t try to fit into seasons or campaigns. We don’t compromise details to save a few pennies.  We research intensely and experiment passionately to find only designs we absolutely love, and then we share them with you.


No brokers, distributors, or middlemen.  We choose our suppliers personally.  Because our relationships are important to us.  Especially our relationship with you.  That’s why we are up front about everything:  Our costs, our factories, our entire process.  We hold nothing back.

Our Story

With Maguire, I can finally design that I love. Before starting this project, I searched far and wide for accessories that were simple, versatile, and unique.  But everything I found asked me to compromise either on quality or my budget. I thought there must be a better way!  When you buy Maguire Boutique, you support a better way. And I can’t thank you enough. Because we love what we do. I hope you love it too.
— Myriam, Founder and Designer
Myriam Belzile-Maguire always wanted to design.  She would sketch shoes in notebook margins and tailor her own outfits for school.  After a degree in Industrial Design from the University of Montréal, she traveled to the prestigious London College of Fashion to study footwear at Cordwainers.  Then she moved to Italy for a Fabrica residency at the United Colors of Benetton’s research center.
Now at home in Montréal, Myriam has spent the past five years designing shoe collections for the Aldo Group, one of the world’s largest vertically integrated footwear companies. In that time she developed over 3000 pairs of shoes, many of which found themselves among Aldo’s top sellers. She also traveled frequently, visiting manufacturers and suppliers around the world, developing a unique end-to-end understanding of today’s footwear production process.
And all this time, Myriam dreamed of a different way to produce and sell shoes. She envisioned a new kind of brand founded on great design, transparency, and customer engagement. One that champions simplicity, durability, and accessibility rather than big numbers. A place where friends can work together to make stuff for other people like themselves. She envisioned Maguire Boutique.
We are very proud to present the first collection from Maguire Boutique. It’s been a long journey and yet we’re just getting started. Let this be the first of many more great things to come.

Cover picture : Atelier Bang Bang